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"How To Develop a Consistent Freedom Lifestyle At Home (That Actually Works for YOU) for a Lasting Wellness Transformation, Without Wasting Tons of Time and Thousands of Dollars"
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Thank you for your interest in our 7-week online Kemetic EIO Freedom Lifestyle Masterclass called "How To Develop a Consistent Freedom Lifestyle At Home (That Actually Works for YOU) for a Lasting Wellness Transformation, Without Wasting Tons of Time and Thousands of Dollars"!

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The Freedom Tribe Has Spoken...
 My background as a Freedom Seeker is as a newbie. I conceptually internalize the term freedom as being unapologetically me

The struggle consists of knowing the Me I am... My state of inner peace is easily hijacked when my children, grandchildren, and children in general are mistreated or experiencing the tougher sides of life. In the past. I reacted as rescuer or sage.

I trust in what works. The peace and unity that I see in Ufulu Child, Sol and Tenci have kept me connecting with what is being offered...  I am gaining a greater awareness of myself and my capabilities to obtain freedom from my thoughts and reactions. Thank you for providing this opportunity."

- Nfr Rhonda., Harker Heights, TX
 I've had a lot of negative inner dialogue in the past...

I decided to try the Kemetic EIO Freedom Lifestyle Masterclass because I've been looking for new and unique tools to help me on my journey to my vision... 

"Secret" #1 helped me affirm the inner truth about myself. My self-talk has tanked a little over the holiday and this helped get it back on track. Thanks for making this course available."

- Billie Sue S., Austin, TX
 "From "Secret" #3, I am making decisions and experiencing new learning and each of the sessions are primed to provide me information or secrets for success that I need. I am consistently confronted with OH B.S. (Old Habits and Belief Systems) and needing to practice Presence. I now have added a better understanding of Kemetic yoga and the practice of intentionality.

I am completing the sessions because I want to face life's challenges from a position of power instead of helplessness or as an automatic uncontrollable response. I am using what I have learned as best I can and it is helping me in tough situations."

- Kileen B., Harker Heights, TX
Here's an Overview of What You'll Discover...
  • "Secret" #1 - How to Break Down the Fears, false beliefs, emotional barriers and mental roadblocks that keep you from real progress and freedom from within (Limiting Belief Transformation)
  •  "Secret" #2 - How to Gain a deeper, lasting clarity and develop a stillness from within that brings a profound state of inner peace and contentment no matter what you do in the world (Meditation) 
  • "Secret" #3 - How to Activate all major muscle and joint groups within the body, and stimulate the parasympathetic autonomic nervous system (hush the stress fight or flight response and begin the natural process of digestion and healing within the body)...(Kemetic Yoga) 
  • "Secret" #4 - How to optimize your eating habits for plant-based nutrition that serves you (Optimized Plant-Based Nutrition) 
  •  "Secret" #5 - How to safely and naturally cleanse your body systems on a cellular level (Fasting and Cleansing) 
  • "Secret" #6 - How to use indigenous and alkaline-forming herbs to reset your body's natural response for self-healing (Medicinal Herb Therapy)  
  •  "Secret" #7 - How to Discover and Remain true to my Highest SELF No Matter the Circumstance (Freedom Without Form) 
  • …And much, MUCH more!
Love and Hugs,
Hortencia "Tenci"Campbell
Co-Founder (and fellow Freedom Seeker)
Ufulu Child

P.S. Yes! I'm giving you an opportunity to get on our 7-week online Kemetic EIO masterclass, "How To Develop a Consistent Freedom Lifestyle At Home (That Actually Works for You) for a Lasting Wellness Transformation, Without Wasting Tons of Time and Thousands of Dollars" (that will retail at $197) wait-list free of charge. All you have to do is answer 3 questions and you'll be considered for discounted pricing and any openings. I'm already excited for you!!!

If fact, we'll be throwing in a few bonuses along the way... and keep you updated with all the details of how you can access the online masterclass if you make the cut... So, fill out the easy form above to reserve your spot in this masterclass wait-list free of charge now. You won't regret it. I can promise you that!
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