The 30-Day Breakthrough Challenge

How to Unleash Next-Level Self-Love and Stay Consistent With Holistic Health

Win Yourself Back In 30 Days Or Less And Have The Confidence And Energy To Become Your Own Breakthrough!

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Put Your Self-Care First AND Last!

Are You Tired of being TIRED around your kids? If you want to feel empowered and grounded in your Truth, this is for you. So many powerful black and brown women are breaking the cycles of unhealthy habits and self-doubt every day, and it's about time you did too! Not only for you, but for your children too! EVEN IF you have a demanding job, YOU can


Get Consistent

Crush your self-care goals, build healthy habits and keep them going long after the challenge ends with the personalized coaching and community support you need. Kiss overwhelm goodbye!

Reclaim Your Energy

Liberate yourself from the Stress and Exhaustion with the simple Freedom 5 model so you can SHINE your light even if you're juggling homework, dinner, me-time, and work-life balance! All it takes is 5 Steps a day.

Win Yourself Back

 Embody radical self-acceptance and Create a healthy lifestyle that you LOVE without sacrificing everything you like to do. Be the confident Freedom Seeker you were meant to be!

Introducing A New Holistic Healing System
For Freedom Seekers Like You

"This is for EVERYONE"
"I just LOVED everything about it""
"It gives you a way to reflect, rejuvenate, and rejoice""

Meet Your Coaches

Meet Coaches Tenci and Sol
Coach Hortencia “Tenci” Campbell and her husband, Coach Maurice “Sol Xprsn” Clark, co-created this challenge and co-founded Ufulu Child -- a family-owned coaching company in Texas specializing in holistic health practices. When Tenci’s mother was diagnosed with cancer in January 2016, there was an immediate drive to simplify the healing journey to produce quick, effective results. In creating that system for her, they discovered one for themselves. The trajectory of their lives changed forever after witnessing Tenci's mother naturally reverse her type 2 diabetes within 3 months and become cancer-free within 12 months of her diagnosis.

Since then, Tenci and Sol have been on a mission to promote healthy lifestyles to Freedom Seekers all around the world in as many ways as they can to make sure that no one else has to go through the same things they did. They have helped hundreds of people from all across the United States become more healthy and stay committed to unleashing next-level self-love. So, when you join this challenge, you're joining a group of people and coaches who are passionate about helping everyone elevate to their fullest potential!
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Enrollment Open For
June 6, 2022 Group

  • Step-by-Step Official Follow Along Workbook: Incredibly designed, easy to use, and simple to understand. Track your progress, view your at-home workouts and yoga flows, follow your tasty plant-based recipes, and notate your thoughts along your journey! The elements of the Freedom 5™ make it easy and enjoyable to make progress towards your new lifestyle every single day!
  • Your lifestyle transformation journey made simple with just the turn of a page in this wonderful follow along workbook that is specifically designed for every day people who don’t have all the time in the world to “figure things out” on their own. It’s all laid out for you in one place! No complex plans, no difficult to understand guidelines, and absolutely no boring to-do-lists.
  • Awesome and convenient 30 Day Freedom Roadmap to help guide you and give you foresight: print it out and tack it up to keep yourself grounded and accountable. Here you will find your missions for the day and track your points for the week. Here you will stay on top of your game every step of the way and reflect on how you have improved throughout the challenge. Lifestyle transformation never seemed so doable!
  • Build Strength and Increase Flexibility For DAYS After Your Super Simple Home Workout: Experience the Moment of Power (Post-Exercise Gratitude or PEG) with fun HIIT workouts and yoga flows that are easy to modify to fit your current skill level... ALL without any equipment needed from the comfort of your own space!
  • No Equipment or Gym Membership Needed & No Boredom Allowed! As you progress through your 30 Days of Transcendence LIVE with other freedom seekers, you will gradually level up through the workout routines and start to see massive improvement without risking your safety or getting overwhelmed! You will even do some LIVE along with your Challenge Coach on Facebook!
  • Tone Your Body & Fit In Those Favorite Pants Again: Each workout was carefully crafted to target specific muscle groups that you will alternate throughout your journey with us (and yes rest days are important and accounted for)! Align your body and spirit with Kemetic (Ancient African) Yoga to warm up, exercise your body and mind with a HIIT workout, then bring it all home with a Moment of Power solidifying yourself in a higher state of being.
  • Recipes that knock your limiting beliefs about healthy food out for good! Our one of a kind healthy recipes aren’t just good for you, they're good to you! Our meal plans were specifically created in order to aid your body in its most important function when it comes to health: digestion. With food so good you’ll have to hide it from your children, you won’t even remember how good-for-you it really is!
  • Nutritional guidance to upgrade your knowledge base on the food you eat and what it does: We not only provide you with healthy alternatives for everyday cravings, but we also include nutritional knowledge and advice that will improve your understanding about what you put into your body.
  • Affordable grocery lists with every meal plan: The reason we went through all the trouble to create these wonderful recipes is because we wanted to learn and teach what it takes to make healthy eating into a lifestyle for ourselves that we can share as an option to the world at large. These weekly grocery lists cover everything you will need with ingredients found at your local Wal-Mart or Kroger as you progress through your journey with us. No more searching high and low for ingredients only found in the pages of a vegan cookbook.
  • Meals and Smoothies you can make in mere minutes: Behold! An end to the struggles of the long-faced chef! For, we have found the secret to meal prep and will give you all the details plus other tips and tricks for the on-the-go lifestyle to help make things as seamless as can be.
  • Stay centered and at peace with amazing guided meditations that leave you feeling safe, secure, and balanced. These guided meditations are specially designed to allow your mind to slow down just enough for you to stay on course with the challenge.
  • Learn About Yourself: whether you have never met your true essence, established a connection with your higher self or you would like to deepen your connection... these meditations will provide you with the most profound experience of your life.
  • New to meditation? GREAT! The care and time that went into the creation of these meditations was partially due to making all of the guidance easy-to-follow and effective for all skill levels.
  • LIVE Coaching From Freedom Lifestyle Coaches: Our team is composed of walkers, not talkers. They have been through the mud of starting from scratch and building slowly “the hard way” so that they can show you and at all points of the journey the right way to go. There isn't a more passionate, more qualified group in the whole world. We are here to give you full support during the Challenge... LIVE!
  • ​Daily Guidance and Support From People Who LIVE IT: Imagine getting wise strategies and tactics fit to you and your challenge objective each and every day that holds you accountable to really make this a big success!
  • LIVE "Hand In Mine" Help: Challenge Coaches will be LIVE every single day in your Private Group to journey with you through your Workbook/Freedom Roadmap to make sure you don’t feel left out even once.
  • Private Facebook Group / Accountability Tribe: Get the support, inspiration, and encouragement you won’t find in a flakey accountability friend who isn’t trained to put in the daily commitment. You will find yourself in a welcoming support group of people seeking the exact same thing you are right when your LIVE Challenge Tribe Group opens up!
  • Stop Trying To Do This By Yourself! Have you ever felt like the world around you is full of people and situations that try to steer you away from achieving your goals or changing your life? That’s why we made it possible to receive real-time support from our coaches and other Freedom Seekers who are just like you.

Hurry! Enrollment
Closes In:

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

Enrollment Open For
June 6, 2022 Group

If you start the LIVE Challenge and you feel like it didn’t help you or you didn’t get the results you want, we will give you your $1 back! I know it seems silly (because it is) but we think its only fair that you get your money back, even if it’s only the tiny investment of $1. Either you get results or you get your money back! 
What is the LIVE Challenge?
The LIVE 30 Day Holistic Wellness Challenge is your doorway to the Freedom Lifestyle. The Challenge will introduce you to the elements of the Freedom 5™ (the five main aspects of a holistically healthy and fulfilling lifestyle) to help you build the foundation you need to reach your wellness goals. All Live Challenge participants will undergo the process of “Unleashing Next Level Self-Love” together as a Tribe!

Sol and Tenci both will be doing the challenge LIVE with you the entire time providing daily coaching and resources that will take your lifestyle to the next level! This is a great opportunity to get all your questions answered with the Coaches in real time!!

Each week has a Theme. The Theme of the week allows us to form lasting, new habits that are aligned with the Freedom 5™ Elements: BE, CLEANSE, FUEL, MOVE, and SHINE.

Each Freedom 5™ Element has a few daily action steps that are reviewed in the LIVE Daily Divine Training videos with the Coaches. You will get insight on how to build new, sustainable, healthy habits into your daily routine without having to become someone you were never meant to be!

Your Workbook has all of the daily action steps, workouts, plant-based recipes, meal plans, grocery lists, and helpful information you’ll need throughout the Challenge. You will keep track of your progress and gain your points on the Freedom Roadmap.

At the end of each week, there is a Checkpoint Survey where you will record your challenge points and 30 Day LIVE Wellness Challenge experiences. When you complete the final survey, you will be awarded your Certificate and Status: Silver, Gold, or Platinum. We will announce the Challenge Champion winner in the Ufulu Child Freedom Tribe group after your Live Challenge group has been taken down.
What is the daily coaching (Daily Divine Training)?
The Daily Divine Training with one of our Freedom Lifestyle Coaches will be LIVE at 9 am EST / 8 am CST / 7 am MST / 6 am PT. Participating in the LIVE Daily Divine Training is the fastest way to get results and maximize your experience, but if you can’t make it to the session, “NO PROBLEM, MON!” 

When the LIVE session is complete, you can find it in the Guides section in the Challenge Tribe Group so you will have access to it until the very end. After 30 Days, the Challenge Group closes and all the content disappears. If you upgrade to the VIP All Access Pass, you will be able to access these Daily Divine Coaching sessions anytime, anyplace after the challenge ends.
What if life gets in the way and I fall behind or am on vacation during the LIVE Challenge?
There is no doubt in our minds that the 30 Day Challenge Workbook will get you the results you are looking for. There is no need to worry, you can complete each Guide at your own pace! Just keep in mind, when the Challenge Tribe Group closes at the end of LIVE Challenge, you won’t have access to the live trainings and resources. So, please make sure to show up to the Group every day for updates. We also make sure to give you a catch-up day every week.

If the next LIVE 30 Day Wellness Challenge begins on a day that doesn’t work for you, please be at peace! We make it super simple for anyone serious about taking their Freedom and lifestyle into the next level that you get Unlimited access to all the Guide training and resources (even after the Challenge Tribe closes) when you upgrade to the VIP All-Access Pass!

You can keep an eye on the countdown and visit the link below anytime you’re ready. Otherwise, to be absolutely sure that you get enrolled for the upcoming challenge dates that work best for you, simply email, and we will tell you your upcoming challenge open enrollment date.

Enrollment will only be open for a limited time for each Challenge Tribe so make sure to set your alarms and program your calendar notifications accordingly 😉
Can we invite non-Freedom Seeker’s to join the LIVE Challenge?
Yes, of course! The Ufulu ALIGN™ LIVE Holistic Wellness Challenge is for anyone seeking a kickstart, reset, or a good change of pace in their daily routine. Invite your brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles, aunts, coworkers, best friends, and social media followings!! Think of 5 people you know that desire a happier, healthier, freer, and more Spirit-inspired life and send them this quick text:

“Hey _____! Wanted to let you know, I just signed up for the LIVE 30 Day Holistic Wellness Challenge and I’m asking you to do it with me - Here’s the info:”
What happens after 30 days?
The mission of this Challenge is to help you create the blueprint and necessary habits that allow you to successfully live a sustainable Freedom Lifestyle. Once you finish the LIVE Challenge you will be fully equipped to exceed your goals and grow your Tribe in the Freedom Seeker Community. You will continue to transform your lifestyle habits into choices that come from self love and optimal health (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health).
Do I need to purchase the Ufulu ALIGN™ Supplement products for the LIVE Challenge?
Ufulu ALIGN™ supplement products are not required for the LIVE Challenge but the Ufulu ALIGN™ Nutritional Herb Mix or any plant-based, alkaline-forming, superfood supplement powder is required to fully complete the Challenge and earn Platinum Challenger Status. We offer a 30-Day supply of our proprietary Ufulu ALIGN™ Nutritional Herb Mix (found in the Ufulu Child Store or the Mind and Body Bundle™ when you customize your order).
Does the LIVE Challenge come with access to the Thrive Club™  membership?
Nope! The LIVE 30 Day Holistic Wellness Challenge is a completely separate program from the Thrive Club™ membership!

The Thrive Club™ membership is the official Freedom Lifestyle Mastery Thrive Club™ membership with live coaching, exercises, grocery lists, plant-based recipes, yoga flows, meditations, limiting belief transformation training, progress tracking, etc.

This 30 Day LIVE Challenge is a bridge between the full Personal Wellness Results Coaching experience and the Freedom Lifestyle Mastery Thrive Club™ experience. The LIVE Challenge will walk you through each of Freedom 5™ Elements of the Freedom Lifestyle to help you build the foundation you need without overwhelming yourself. NO WORRIES, you will receive everything you need in your 30 Day Step-by-Step Challenge Workbook.

The 30 Day Holistic Wellness Challenge is perfect for ALL Freedom Seekers, whether you’re a long time seeker or you just got started! The LIVE Challenge is a unique opportunity to level-up your journey to unconditional self-love, amplify your power within by reinforcing solid habits, and spark your motivation to reach your vision. 
Do I need a gym membership or any special equipment for the LIVE Challenge yoga and workouts?
Not at all! No, you do not need a gym membership or any special equipment to complete LIVE Challenge ALIGN Movement™ Yoga and Workout Plan. Rest assured, every yoga flow and workout can be done from the comfort of your own home (no matter your fitness experience level) without needing to invest in extra stuff!
What is the difference between the LIVE Challenge and Personal Wellness Coaching?
The Ufulu ALIGN™ LIVE 30 Day Holistic Wellness Challenge is for everyone! Think of it this way.... it’s a SUPER INTENSIVE on the Freedom 5™ Elements and a really creative, incredibly strong foundation of the basics of a Freedom Lifestyle you will one day make your own.

If you’re struggling to start, seeking a way-out from the hampster wheel, or if you’re already a full fledged Freedom Seeker and only struggle to get certain things right on an average day, this is PERFECT for you!

You will see one of the Coaches go live in the Group every day to help you have the focus you need, but unlike the Personal Wellness Results Coaching Program, you won’t be establishing a deep one-on-one relationship with a coach and they won’t be holding you personally accountable for your Tasks... but YOU will be doing that with the Freedom Roadmap, Challenge Workbook, and Weekly Checkpoint Surveys.

It’s kinda like getting a little taste of what it is like to have a Freedom Lifestyle coach for a while! If you truly desire top-tier support and to have your very own Coach to work with you 1-on-1 every day for a year, you can apply for the Personal Wellness Coaching Program here:
What is a Challenge Champion (and how do I win the grand prize)?
At the end of each Ufulu ALIGN™ LIVE 30 Day Holistic Wellness Challenge, each participant will have the opportunity to "Enter to WIN" the exclusive, coveted title of Challenge Champion! Only the Challenge Champion of any given 30-Day LIVE Challenge Tribe is awarded the Grand Prize!

The Grand Prize includes the following: 3-Months Access to the Freedom Lifestyle Mastery Thrive Club™ membership, Challenge Champion T-Shirt, Challenge Champion Certificate, Freedom 5 Poster, Freedom Seeker Manifesto Decal Sticker, One 1-on-1 Free Strategy Coaching Call, Get + Give 50% off 12-Months of 1-on-1 Personal Wellness Results Coaching, and Much More… Hooray!!

To be named Challenge Champion, you will keep track of your daily challenge points and submit them in your Weekly Checkpoint Surveys. We make it super easy and simple for you!

At the end of the 30 Days you will submit your Final Checkpoint Survey to get your challenge certificate, record your overall points, and share your Challenge experience. To submit your official entry to win Grand Prize and the title of Challenge Champion, simply create a post in the Challenge Tribe that includes these 3 easy things:

(1) Your Transformation Picture(s) or Video (up to 3 minutes)
(2) Your Lifestyle Transformation story and Challenge Breakthrough(s)
(3) This exact hashtag: #EnterToWin

This is SUPER IMPORTANT! From the Checkpoint Surveys, Challenge Tribe engagement, and your Lifestyle Transformation stories, five (5) challengers that "Go All-in" throughout the challenge will be chosen for the chance to Win the Challenge Champion title AND Grand Prize.

When you are selected as one of these 5 challengers, all of your fellow Challenge Tribe members will vote for their favorite entry of the 5 chosen challengers and the one with the most votes wins the grand prize and illustrious title of Challenge Champion 😉

The Challenge Champion winner will be announced in the Ufulu Child Freedom Tribe Facebook group!

To level the playing field for all participants, the title of Challenge Champion can only be won once per person within a 12-month period.

In a nutshell, we are rewarding those divine beings that "Go All In" and embody Next Level Self-Love on their Freedom Lifestyle Journey with the GRAND PRIZE. 
Ufulu Child™ promotes healthy lifestyles, self-discovery, and self-love through coaching, community, and holistic health practices for freedom-seeking adults. People from all walks of life are becoming healthier, happier, spiritually empowered, and more of themselves. Everyday people join for the empowering online community, unconditional love notes, easy-to-follow programs, 1-on-1 results coaching, and freedom lifestyle mastery. 
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