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How to Whitelist Emails from Ufulu Child
What is whitelisting?
Whitelisting is the way to make sure that the emails that you actually want to see don’t unintentionally get dumped into the spam folder (as a result of being flagged and blocked by your email provider’s built-in filter system)...

Each of the major email clients (i.e. Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc.) has a different way to set up this whitelisting process. Hooray!

Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through every step!

Just keep reading…
Why is it important that you whitelist our emails?
Ufulu Child sends emails from time to time alerting you to information about Freedom Seeker insights, upcoming events, healing music and art offerings, holistic wellness tips and programs, and occasional offers or exclusive guides…
We won't spam you or abuse your trust in us in such a way, but when we do send out an announcement or free content, you don't want to miss it...

Plus, you don't want to miss notifications about live experiences, free web classes and goodies, program enrollments, retreats, and so on.
How to whitelist our emails on various email clients...
We'll be covering Gmail, Apple Mail, Yahoo! Mail, Outlook, and Outlook.com (aka Hotmail), so just scroll down to the one that applies to you…

If you're using another email provider, simply Google its name + "whitelisting" and you should find instructions on how to start whitelisting.

Click the buttons below to jump to the email provider you need:
The Gmail inbox is split into three tabs:
- Primary
- Social
- Promotions

If you're like most people, you tend to check Primary and ignore the others…

However, to make sure that emails from a certain sender to go directly to your primary inbox, simply do this easy, two-step process:

Go to the Promotions tab or wherever the Ufulu Child email is being categorized (ex: “Social” or “Updates”, etc.). Drag and drop the Ufulu Child email into the Primary tab.

An alert will appear at the top of your inbox asking whether to do this for future emails from Ufulu Child. Click "Yes" and future Ufulu Child emails will go to your primary inbox, where you can see and access them more easily. Hi-Five!
Apple Mail
With Apple Mail (both the OSX and mobile versions), there is only one step to whitelist emails from Ufulu Child:

Add Ufulu Child to your contacts. Here’re the steps:

1) Open an email from Ufulu Child

2) Right-click on the sender address and click "Add to Contacts"

3) Once a sender is in your Apple Mail contacts, their emails won't get flagged in the future. Woot!
Yahoo! MAIL
Adding contacts is also the easy way to whitelist in Yahoo! Mail…


1) Open an email from Ufulu Child

2) Click the “+” symbol next to the sender name (this will trigger an "Add to contacts" pop-up window

3) Click “Save” and you're finito!
With the Outlook program, you can add @ufuluchild.com to your contact list…

To whitelist emails, take these 3 steps:

1) Open an email from Ufulu Child and click on the sender name

2) Click on the name tag icon (this will trigger a pop-up window)

3) Click “Save” and you're done!

This will ensure that communications from Ufulu Child won't be dumped into your junk folder by accident.​
Outlook.com (Hotmail)
Outlook.com (also known as Hotmail) is the browser-based version of Outlook and a little different in appearance and function…

Steps to whitelist:

1) Open an email from Ufulu Child and click on the sender name

2) Click on the “...” button, and select "Add to contacts" (this will trigger a pop-up window)

3) Click “Save” and you're done.
And there you have it!
In a nutshell…
Whitelisting is way better than the frustration of missing an important email, and you’ve just saved yourself a headache or too… Nice work!
Unconditional Love and Hugs,
Hortencia "Tenci" Campbell and Maurice "Sol Xprsn" Clark
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