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"Their dynamic is really inspiring and you can tell there is passion there... I have noticed a total turn around...

It's lovely reconnecting with my personal self and knowing that everything will work out in some way and having the confidence to believe in that considerably more than before... 

For me, it took Tenci reaching out on a personal e-mail to feel 'worthy' or 'enough' to give myself time for self-care.
- Cameron C., Portland, OR
"My investment in Kemetic EIO was absolutely worthwhile and will continue to be so, for this is an investment in a gift that will continue to give to any recipient...

To any Freedom Seeker who is "stuck", or who hasn't started yet... 
Declare your intent to the universe to be free. Source will hear you and respond. Be patient and open your heart. Tools, information, and responses will be made manifest to you. One such response could be your alignment with Kemetic EIO. It was for me..."
- Lorenza P., Buda, TX
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feel free to BE...™
Hortencia "Tenci" Campbell and Maurice "Sol Xprsn" Clark craft arts and wellness experiences for Freedom Seekers worldwide that move others to create their own well-being, define their own destiny, live for freedom, and feel free to BE... As co-founders of Ufulu Child, they have experienced and facilitated total breakthroughs and lifestyle transformations. Their definitive, holistic healing system, Kemetic EIO, ignites lasting clarity, stability, prosperity, and freedom within.
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