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Want More Health & Wellness Results That Resonate With Your Vision For Yourself?

Tired Of Half-Baked Solutions And Falling Victim To The Endless Start-Stop Cycle?

Need A Simpler Way To Stay Consistent AND Unleash Next-Level Self-Love?

The hidden-truth is you're probably closer than you think, and you don’t have to sacrifice your joy for your health. 

You may already have the know-how, you may already have the will to change, you may even already have the protein mix, herbs, and hemp milk...

You just need some help making it all fit into your chaotic daily routine without stressing yourself out
Now, I know what you’re thinking:
"It’s just too hard to change all by myself."

Well the tricky thing is that you're right, but there's more to it. Just because you can't do something by yourself, doesn't mean you can't do it at all! 

Living a freedom lifestyle is not about snapping into high-gear and crawling through the mud all the way to a dissatisfying version of your peak physical, mental, and spiritual self, or figuring everything out as-you-go all alone. 

You see, no one said you were going to have to figure anything out or take one step alone!
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Top 10 Healthy Holiday Swaps
Don't Just Survive, Thrive this Holiday Season!
Discover simple swaps for 10 TOP holiday favorites that keep your entire family happy (and secretly healthy) this year.

You can keep the taste and lose the waist with these amazing home-cooked holiday meal swaps!
  • Take the guesswork out of remaining healthy during the holidays
  • Cook healthy and foodie-approved holiday meals for the whole family with confidence
  • Save time and money with direct links to hard-to-find, healthy ingredients
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Don't go holiday grocery shopping without this cheatsheet at hand!

Coach Tenci has always loved spending the holidays at the kitchen table surrounded by the love of her family and friends, but when she became plant-based and stopped eating things that disagreed with her body, she didn’t want to spend the holidays alone!

“That’s when I decided to change my approach to holiday eats to fit who I am, what my body needs, and what I LOVE! This has allowed me to enjoy every holiday meal (I'm a foodie first) without sacrificing my health goals.  - Coach Tenci
Get your family to enjoy all of the best foods they love with a plant-based twist that’s so good they won’t even notice!

“I remember my first time trying Tenci’s plant-based Mac n Cheese… it was like nothing I had ever had. So amazing! You don’t even know it’s made with vegan cheese.” - Coach Sol Xprsn
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What Ufulu Child Is All About:
#1: Living a Healthy Lifestyle That You Love
Who Says You Have to Make 1,000 Sacrifices to Be Healthy? Discover What it Means to Live A Freedom Lifestyle With Ufulu Child's Holistic Healing System: 
The Freedom 5
#2: Making Consistency Easy, Simple & Fun
Let's Do This! We Create Tools and Resources to Make it Easy and Accessible for Each and Every One of Us to Create and 
Stick-To a Holistic 
At-Home Wellness Practice 
#3: Becoming Your Own Breakthrough
Fuel Yourself With Content Full of Wisdom, Naturally Delightful Foods, Wellness Practices That Actually Work for You, and Break The Glass Ceilings of Wellness Using Your Own Power
The Journey to Unleash Next-Level Self-Love...
"Ufulu" means "Freedom" and Ufulu Child is a home for Freedom Seekers worldwide rooted in artistry and wellness. Beyond being husband and wife, co-founders Hortencia "Tenci" Campbell & Maurice "Sol Xprsn" Clark are Hip-Hop/Soul performing artists and holistic healers with expertise spanning from Kemetic (or Ancient Egyptian) Yoga, Reiki, and Holistic Lifestyle Transformation, to Sacred Geometry Artwork, Songwriting, and beyond! 

The trajectory of Ufulu Child changed forever after witnessing Tenci’s mother reverse her cancer and diabetes by applying key elements of a holistic healing system they now call the Freedom 5 (formerly Kemetic EIO). 

Ufulu Child is on a mission to help freedom seekers live a healthy lifestyle & Become their Own Breakthroughs while unlocking next-level self-love for themselves and their world. They do this by providing the best unique information, products, and services possible in the realm of, self-discovery, holistic wellness... 

Ufulu Child is Holistic Lifestyle Transformation! Welcome to the Freedom Journey, Love...
1,584+ Plant-Based Meals Donated to Kids in Need, 619+ Clients Served

 Yes - Love! Every month that you commit to your own wellness journey through one of our Freedom Lifestyle Programs (Freedom Lifestyle Mastery Thrive Club, Personal Wellness Results Coaching, Ufulu Child ALIGN™ Nutritional Herb Mix, etc.), allows us to donate more healthy, plant-based meals to kids in need in the US and worldwide. Just $1 helps provide 2-4 meals secured by Food for Life ( on behalf of local food yoga partners, and we donate to this revolutionary cause.

Words from the Freedom Tribe:

The Ufulu Child Experience in their own words...

"...Unconditional Love Personified."
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"...This Was Just What 
I Needed!"
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"...A Gift That Will Continue to Give..."
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Ufulu Child is on a mission to help freedom seekers live a healthy lifestyle while unlocking next level self-love for themselves and their world. People from all walks of life are becoming healthier, happier, spiritually empowered, and more of themselves. Everyday people join for the powerful online tribe, unconditional love notes, easy-to-follow programs, 1-on-1 results coaching, and freedom lifestyle mastery. 
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Hortencia "Tenci" Campbell and Maurice "Sol Xprsn" Clark craft arts and wellness experiences for Freedom Seekers worldwide that move others to create their own well-being, define their own destiny, live for freedom, and feel free to BE... As co-founders of Ufulu Child, they have experienced and facilitated total breakthroughs and lifestyle transformations. Their definitive, holistic healing system ignites lasting clarity, stability, prosperity, and freedom within.
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