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 From applying the tools from Ufulu Child's #MUVEMondays show...

...First and foremost I’ve learned that trusting in myself, actually releases a lot of stress and pressure which puts me in a happier mood, and increases my chances greatly of losing weight. I’ve learned to not be afraid to make healthy changes and change again if that’s what I need to do. It’s a journey. 

I liked how they’ve took the time to directly answer my questions, but in a non-judgmental way and in a non-condemning way. Rather in a freeing way

I would recommend them because it’s obvious that they are passionate about what they are doing, and they have a lot of wisdom and knowledge to share." 

- LaReesha, Austin, TX
 My biggest challenges were very high stress, lowered self-confidence, self-esteem, and expectations...to name a few. 

What made me happy was watching the connections between Tenci & Sol. Their dynamic is really inspiring and you can tell there is passion there. I enjoyed the questions and answer segment...

From applying the tools from Ufulu Child's offerings, I have noticed a total turn around. Engaging and looking at myself at 'self'... It's lovely reconnecting with my personal self and knowing that everything will work out in some way and having the confidence to believe in that considerably more than before.   

I do believe that there are plenty of creative and strategic methodologies utilized in their work that enhance one's sense of love, self-care, 'self', etc. And when we find ways to empower and provoke that it makes a very big difference in ourselves." 

- Cameron C., Portland, OR
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